4th Edition

Thoroughly Revised

New data, new sources, new issues.

New Chapter on Social Networking

What is the interrelationship of diversity, diversity consciousness, and networking (both online and face2face)? How can we diversify our networks and extend their reach and power? Digital divides, emerging issues in online networking, the wisdom of crowds…

New Full-color Infographics, Tables, Images,
and Photos throughout 

Tailored to readers with diverse needs and learning styles.

Fully Updated

(Research as well as Another Perspective, Profiles in Diversity Consciousness, Case Studies, and Exercises).

Greater Focus on Inclusion

Recent research shows that diversity does not guarantee inclusion.  What does this mean and why is inclusion so important?

Greater coverage of More Different
Dimensions of Diversity.

In analyzing diversity and its ramifications, each chapter goes far beyond race, gender, and ethnicity.


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